The vision is to have “Rock Bay exist in an urban watershed that encompasses healthy, functioning ecosystems, provides habitat for fish and wildlife, and is a source of enjoyment and pride for the community”.

To achieve this vision a series of goals were established. The goals were to transform Rock Bay into a community asset by:

1. Improving water quality by significantly reducing fecal and chemical contamination of the creek;


  1. reduce fecal coliform levels to 5000 FC/100mL in five years (by 2008),

  2. reduce chemicals in sediments to 75% of Capital Regional District sediment standards in five years (by 2008);

2. Improving the marine habitat;

3. Enhancing the aesthetics and the recreation and education potential of the bay;

4. Have the community, government and business working together;

5. Establish long-term community stewardship for the bay and harbour environment by educating business operators, residents, and children within the watershed.

These goals are reviewed on a regular basis, and revised as needed.

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