Rock Bay holds the dubious distinction of being one of the most contaminated sites in British Columbia. With an estimated 85% of the foreshore and upland landscape polluted and requiring treatment, remediation will take place at a cost of about $32.1 million dollars. Remediation is scheduled to continue until approximately late 2006.

Past activities along the Rock Bay shoreline left a legacy of pollution. Our storm drains add to this each day by delivering pollutants from our neighbourhoods to the bay and our harbour. Rainwater washes pollutants from our roads, driveways and yards into our stormdrains and the local waterways.

To prevent history from repeating itself you and your neighbours can take action and make a difference. You can become a Community Eco-partner by pledging to make a few changes in your daily routine! Even a little less pollution at each home can make a difference. The Residential Watershed Pledge list simple, but important changes you can make around your home to help your local waterway.

Another way to help Rock Bay and our Inner Harbour is to support those businesses that display the Community Eco-Partner decal as seen below.

Watershed Model Video Presentation

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