Rock Bay Pledge

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I will properly dispose of paint, antifreeze, oil,
pesticides and other toxic products by contacting
a local hazardous waste disposal program.

I will reduce the need for fertilizers by using
compost and mulch on my gardens and lawns.

I will reduce my use of pesticides
by using pest resistant plants, pruning infested
vegetation, removing pests by hand and
suppressing weeds with landscape cloth.

I will minimize impervious paved areas and use
gravel, bricks or interlocking blocks instead of concrete
and asphalt for driveways, sidewalks and patios.

I will sweep my sidewalks, driveways and patios
instead of using my hose.

I will wash my car only at a commercial carwash,
or over gravel or grassy areas.

I will keep my car tuned up and have all fluid
leaks fixed promptly.

I will use ground cloths and drip pans when
working on my vehicle, and clean up any spills
with dry absorbents, not water.

I will pick up my pet’s waste and keep my pet
on a leash near waterways.